Fibre to the Home

Currently being rolled out in certain rural areas. Please call 042 934 0104 with your Eircode, for further information.

  • FTTH 300
    • 300 Mbps Download Speed
    • Unlimited Downloads
    • Free Fritzbox Router (retail price €199)
    • Free PAYG VOIP Phone Service
    • Free Installation
  • FTTH 150
    • 150 Mbps Download Speed
    • Unlimited Downloads
    • Free Fritzbox Router (retail price €199)
    • Free PAYG VOIP Phone service
    • Free Installation

Fibre Broadband FAQs

What is Net1's Superfast Fibre?

It’s our fibre optic broadband service, offering super-fast download speeds of up to 100 Mbps on Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) and 1000 Mbps on Fibre To The Home (FTTH)

With FTTC the actual speed you’ll get depends on the package you choose, the quality of your phone line, the distance from the roadside cabinet and your home wiring.

How does it work?

Net1’s Superfast FTTC connects your house to the roadside cabinet using your existing copper telephone line. The roadside cabinets then connect back to the internet using fibre optic links.

The faster network can then be used to deliver more bandwidth-hungry broadband services.

Net1 Superfast FTTH delivers full fibre connectivity directly into your house. |This is why we can then offer full speeds of up to 300 Mbps on these services.

Who can get the service?

Our fibre broadband service is available to anyone in a fibre-enabled area.

What happens after I order the service?

Our Net1 Customer Support team will be in contact, to sort out the fine details such as appointments for installation.

What happens on the day of installation?

Please visit our Net1 Superfast Fibre installation page, by clicking here.


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