After your order is confirmed

Once you’ve ordered Net1 Fibre you’ll get a call to confirm the appointment for the installation. Since the Fibre infrastructure is owned by OpenEir, we have to use their contractors KN Networks who will come out and set things up.

Getting Ready

With FTTC the serviced is delivered through your existing copper telephone line. As such the router will need to be located close to the main telephone point in the house. This telephone point will need to be replaced by the KN engineer. Please note that you will need to have a free mains socket for the router to be plugged into close to the telephone socket.

With FTTH the fibre will be brought from the Distribution Point (DP) commonly known as the roadside ‘black box’. It will typically follow the route of your existing telephone line and will be delivered to the first point of entry into the house – again this is usually close to where the telephone line comes in. The KN engineer will install two small white boxes at the point of entry of the fibre. Since one of these boxes (the ONT) is a powered unit, there will need to be two free mains sockets near the delivery point (one for the router and one for the ONT).

If your telephone line is coming through a duct in the ground, it might be useful to ensure that the duct is clear so that the engineer can feed the new fibre cable easily along the duct. Also while checking the duct it is a good opportunity to ensure that there is a draw wire present and intact (or some other means for the engineer to pull the cable through the duct).

Installation Day

For FTTC installations the KN engineer usually completes the work at the roadside cabinet before coming to your house. The engineer will then replace the main telephone socket in your house. It is then simply a case of plugging your new fibre router into the phone line and you are online with Superfast broadband.

For FTTH the first visit is classed as a site survey. The KN engineer will call to your house and check that there is nothing that could prevent them from completing the installation. Issues that sometimes arise would be trees blocking the cable from coming overhead, existing duct is blocked or collapsed, additional works are required such as erecting an extra pole for houses that are more than 50m distance from the DP.

If there are no issues arising, then the engineer will go ahead and complete the installation. They will connect a new fibre cable to the DP and feed it to your house (either overhead or underground). They may need to drill a small hole in the wall for the fibre cable to enter the house and they will usually mount the two boxes at that point. Again it is simply a case of connecting your new router and you are online with our Superfast broadband..

Getting Set Up

Your pre-configured router will be delivered to you by our courier service, which may take a day or two. Our elected courier service is Fastway Couriers. They work on our behalf to provide a prompt service.

You’re all set up

That’s it! You’re all set up and ready to go with your Net1 Fibre!

Remember, we’re always here to help if you’ve got questions before or after your installation. You can find answers to these questions by ringing our support team on 042 9340104