Keep your number

When switching to Net1 Broadband you can still keep your current phone number.

Quick to switch

When you switch to Net1 Broadband, you’ll only be without your broadband for a short amount of time.

Our fastest speeds

Switch to Net1 Broadband now, and we’ll make sure you can get the best speeds for you line. (Up to 100Mbps on Net1 Fibre).

Switching FAQ

I want to move to Net1 Broadband from another Fibre provider, how do I do that?

In order to move to Net1 Broadband Fibre, you will need the following information:

  • UAN (Universal Account Number) – This will be printed on the bill from your current provider, probably in the top right hand corner.

We will then send out papers to you, which you must send back to us.
Our switching team will sort out the rest.

If you do not have any of these pieces of information you may need to contact our sales team on: 042 934 0104.

Is a landline included with Net1 Broadband?

No, a landline is not included in our Fibre packages. Our packages are designed for the customer who doesn’t want a landline because we feel that if you don’t use it, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

However, we can provide either a pay as you go or a packaged VOIP line with our service. More information is available here.

Do I need a new router to avail of Net1 Fibre?

Yes, you will need a new router to switch to Net1 Fibre. We will provide this when you do switch, and it will be pre-programmed before it is sent out to you.

Order Now

To Order Net1 Fibre, please apply online by clicking here and select your package, or ring 042 934 0104.