Net1 tariff response times.

Contained within the table below are Net1 Broadband’s target response times for a logged service call. These targets are what we aim to achieve for each one of our tariffs. If your current service request has exceeded this time, please ring 042 934 0104 and choose option 4, or please e-mail with your Net1 Universal ID.

Tariff Name Service Contact Method Target Response Time
Infinity 042 934 0104 (working hours) 7 Working days
Net1 Fibre 042 9340104 (working hours) Within 21 Working days
Net1 Wireless Basic 042 9340104 (working hours) 7 Working days
Net1 Talk Lite 042 9340104 (working hours) 7 Working days
Net1 Talk Plus 042 9340104 (working hours) 4 Working days
Net1 Pro 042 9340104 (working hours) Next Business day
Enterprise Special Tariffs Business Helpdesk (supplied) 4-12 hours