You must not use the Net1 Service in any way that is unlawful or illegal in respect of the laws and regulations in force from time to time in the jurisdiction in which the service is delivered.

You have an obligation to use our services for private, personal, legitimate consumer purposes or working from home only. Failure to adhere to the policy may mean a loss of, or restriction to your Service.

As the account holder, you shall at all times remain fully responsible for any use of the Service by you or anyone else at your property (including your family and any visitors to the property).

You must refrain from any use of the Service that could be to the detriment of any other users. This can include excessive data usage and where this happens, our systems will automatically restrict your speed for the remainder of the day on which you exceed any relevant data cap that is applied to you tariff or where there is a monthly data cap, for the remainder of the month in which the data cap was exceeded as detailed in our Fair Usage Policy.

Fibre broadband services are advertised as unlimited which we have defined as 4TB of data per month. This includes download and upload traffic.

You understand that unauthorised access to devices may constitute a criminal offence and the use of your internet connection to obtain unauthorised access may result in prosecution of you and any others involved in said unauthorised access. You will indemnify Net1 of any and all liability in respect of any legal proceedings taken against you by any third party as a result of your use of the Service.

You must not use the Service to access, download, send, receive, store, distribute, transmit, upload or in any way deal with material or data that:
i. violates any laws;
ii. is or may be offensive, threatening, defamatory, racist, abusive, harassing, invasive of privacy, obscene, harmful, indecent or menacing;
iii. is or may be harmful to minors;
iv. breaches any third party’s rights (including any third party intellectual property rights);
v. damages or may damage our name and/or reputation or the name and/or reputation of our subcontractors or agents; or
vi. may be for criminal or fraudulent purposes or effect, including but not limited to impersonating another person or otherwise misrepresenting yourself as the source of any communications.

We may in certain circumstances be legally obliged to disclose information to relevant authorities, regulators, law enforcement agencies and other third parties. In any event, we reserve the right to notify these entities of any acts that may constitute unlawful conduct.

You must not use the internet to send information that has forged addresses or is deliberately constructed to adversely affect remote machines or other devices.

You must ensure that you do not send or allow the sending of unsolicited bulk emails, spam emails, messages, or any other form of email or messaging service ‘abuse’. This applies to both materials that originate on your devices or devices of persons visiting your property and also third party material passing through your devices.

Customers paying for a residential tariff service will not host any type of server and or allow other users to access a server via the connection. This applies to both fixed wireless and fibre based broadband services.

You must ensure that your devices and network are not configured in such a way that others are able to exploit them in order to disrupt our network, the internet or any other third party network. This includes but is not limited to ensuring that your network cannot be exploited as an open mail relay, open proxy server, or as a component of a wider network used in denial, or distributed denial of service attacks by third parties.

If in our reasonable opinion, we believe that your use of the Broadband Services has adversely affected the network integrity and has caused network degradation or failure of the Internet Services to our other customers we reserve the right to partially or completely restrict your access to the Broadband Services for a period of up to 14 days. After the period of restriction has been completed, should your use of the Broadband Services continue to adversely affect the network integrity or cause network degradation or failure of the Internet Services, we reserve the right to cease your service with immediate effect.

We reserve the right to restrict access to any illegal content. However, we do not monitor all content available through the Service and, as such, we cannot guarantee that you will be unable to access illegal or offensive content on the internet. We therefore recommend that you install appropriate security measures on your computer systems, including parental controls and up-to-date virus protection and firewalls.

You must not resell and or redistribute our Service.

You must not use, or allow anyone else to use, our Services to contact numbers that pay any type of revenue (including, but not limited to, call forwarding services, concurrent calling, paging services, onward calling services).

You must not establish, install or use a gateway device (including devices tethered via cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, to a computer or the internet for the purposes of making large volumes of calls).

You must not take any action that could inhibit or violate the network security of any person or company (including Net1, its affiliates, associates or sub-contractors) or that could adversely affect their use of the internet.

You must not adapt, modify or reverse engineer any part of the Service or equipment.

We may, at our sole discretion, run manual or automatic systems and monitoring in order to ensure that you remain compliant with the terms of this Policy at all times (for example we may scan for open mail relays, or open proxy servers). By accessing the internet via our Service you are deemed to have granted us permission to access and monitor your systems and networks.

We may block any electronic communication that we reasonably consider to have breached this Policy.

If we become aware that you may have breached this Policy, we reserve the right to take any action we believe to be appropriate including, but not limited to:
i. investigating the possible breach;
ii. notifying you by email;
iii. contacting you by email or phone to gather further information or to discuss our concerns;
iv. issuing you with a formal warning;
v. restricting your access to the Service;
vi. suspending your access to the Service with immediate effect; and/or
vii. terminating your account with us and disabling your access to the Service (with or without notice).